I loved my reading!  Maria took the time to tailor the decks and spreads used to ensure that my reading would be as accurate as possible. Great attention to detail. My reading was thorough, thoughtful, accurate, and insightful. Maria was even patient with my extra questions for clarification. She has a genuine talent, and love for her clients. I can't recommend her highly enough! - Jen

Maria took on a many-faceted situation for me and was able to unveil things I needed to know to proceed with some heavy life decisions. Maria was honest with me in advising she couldn’t provide a clear answer as to which direction my life should take, but provided some valuable insight as to the energies surrounding my options which had a desperately needed grounding effect on me. I appreciate that I was not placated and provided only what she thought I would most like to hear! The information provided will certainly be useful to me as I navigate the next phase of my life. Thanks, Maria! - Nicole

Maria is wonderful! As a professional tarot reader myself, I know firsthand that it isn't easy to find a reader who not only knows their cards, but can then turn that knowledge into helpful guidance (tarot readers are notoriously picky about who they'll let read for them). The last reading Maria did for me was a general reading, which aren't always easy. But she knocked it out of the park! She pinpointed with astounding accuracy exactly what was happening in my life right now, and then pointed me in a direction that would help me get where I want to be. So instead of felling like I was simply talked at, she made me feel empowered to take the next step on my path. I highly recommend her! - Angie

I just had an amazing reading of Maria  Maria really gets to the heart of your situation and helps you to figure out what path is right for you very kind and caring and takes time to explain the messages of definitely recommend getting a reading you wont be disappointed - Layla

I loved her reading for my career. She did a great 6 card spread and even brought in runes and Oracle to better explain what was going on. Her reading followed directly in line with what I was already thinking, and was nice to see another reader echo my own thoughts. She is intuitive and goes above and beyond in her readings, and I couldn't have been happier with anyone else. - Danielle

I received a tarot reading, and it was spot on. It served as a warning, as a message for hope and validation all in a four card spread. It really was Intuitive and insightful would suggest this reader to others. - Stephanie

Lovely experience with a lovely lady, chose cards that explained exactly how I felt and reassured me I’m doing all the right things to move forward with life..thank you again x - Claire

Very accurate! I loved the way she used more than one method of divination to read for me too! - Jennifer

Maria's reading was very accurate and she is very professional. - Adrienne

Maria has great insight without any knowledge of my situation. She is very clear and descriptive with her readings. She takes her time and is very through. I would fully recommend her services. - Cassandra

I couldn't be more pleased with Maria as a reader. Not only does she clearly know what she's doing, but also such a great communicator. She explains perfectly what she sees in the cards and how they relate to your inquiry. She puts a lot of thought and care into her reading and it really makes a difference. I was also amazed by her insight into a situation on which I had given her no background information. She impressively touched on some rather specific details without me prompting her at all. She's also very  pleasant and easy to talk to. I can't recommend her highly enough and I will definitely be coming back to Maria! - Rebecca

Maria is a gifted reader - the kind who can weave an entire story from the cards and intuition she lays on the table; no mere by the book analysis here. Her reading answered my question well... not necessarily in a self serving or overly simplified way, but in the truths I needed in that moment. Highly recommended! - Agata

The message Maria gave me was so heartfelt. I've been having anxiety lately due to some personal life situations, and her reading made me feel incredibly safe. If you're looking to receive a message or even to be comforted by an outside source, please don't hesitate to contact her. I will definitely be in continuous contact with her! - Taylor

I recently had an on-point card reading with Maria. She was very thorough and accurate. I presented her with some questions and the answers she gave were very clear and directional. I highly recommend a reading with Maria. - Syndi

I had an amazing reading from Maria!  She puts alot of thought into the reading and is very thorough in explaining what the cards are showing.  She also gave me an action plan which I can follow which I found very helpful. Thank you Maria! - Katja

I had a lovely reading from Maria of Sacred Heart Tarot. She was very thorough and I love that she added runes into the reading as well. She conveyed a high level of clarity on the subject I asked about. Thank you Maria! - Luna

Very interesting reading and easy to understand and follow what was being told to me. Highly recommend this lady x - Mandy

Maria is skilled at what she does and highly accurate.  She gave me the answer of the highest truth and it soothed my worries.  She uses tarot, runes, oracle cards and other methods of divination to help you with what you need to know and does it very professionally.  If you have any doubts about booking with Maria please don’t!   I myself will be recommending her to friends and family. - Alice

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